Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer Postcards!

Maggie: “This summer I will be in South Africa on a wildlife reserve studying elephant impact on vegetation and at the end of my trip getting scuba certified.”

Deirdre (aka Deeds): “Next year I will be joining the PepsiCo team as a Marketing Analyst. I will be living in the big apple with current teammate and future roommate, Kyle Krueger. What I am looking forward to most is adventuring around the city and becoming an extended part of the Suarez family due to my presence at their weekend brunches.”

Marissa: “This summer I am going to Europe (Paris, London, and Milan) for two weeks with my mom. Then I am going to San Francisco for 8 weeks to do an internship at Nestle's Dreyer's ice cream.”

Kendall: “I'll be in Cambridge, combining an internship with “Cultural Survival”, an Anthropological organization, with a job as a Summer School proctor through Harvard Summer School, and taking a class as a part of that as well. With my internship I'll be helping them research and publish their quarterly magazine and hopefully I'll have an article published in it as well!”

Marlee: “I'll be taking on LA this summer, working in the marketing department at Capitol Records. I plan on learning a lot, trying to get tan, sneaking my way into the "A-List" crowd, and maybe trying a juice cleanse!”

Savannah and Summer will be living in Huntington Beach, California. They're both working for Kaatsu, and will be training the US National Water Polo Team, USC football players, open water athletes, and employees of major fast food chains (Taco Bell, KFC, etc.), as well as doing some of the marketing and general publicity bumps for Kaatsu (making videos for YouTube, revamping the website), since it's such a young start-up. They're both training for GoldenWest Swim Club and hoping to take surfing lessons while there!

Steph and Kelsey will also be working for KAATSU with Steve Munatones this summer. While working in California sounds like a dream, they will instead be stationed here in Cambridge to be able to train with Coach Steph and Amanda. They're really looking forward to training with the other HWSD members that will be here and potentially going to Nationals at the end of the summer. As for the internship, they will be marketing, researching, and analyzing data for KAATSU bands, which will be a really great way to both learn about business but also to better understand something that was such a huge part of our training this past year. 

Shori: “I'll be starting this summer with a bit of traveling: going home to Australia for two weeks, then spending some time visiting family and friends in Japan, Singapore and California. From LA, I'll be flying to London, where I'll be interning at the Natural History Museum and working on the “Alfred Russel Wallace Correspondence Project”. Then for July and August, I'll be studying evolutionary biology at the University of Oxford - and exploring England and Europe as much as I can in my spare time!”

Connie: “This summer, I'm doing research at Boston Children's Hospital on athletic injuries and pain perception for two months. In August, my family and I will be visiting relatives in the tropical island of Taiwan (it will be HOT).”

Daniela Johnson (aka DJ): “I'm going to Miami for a bit, then Colombia, and at some point I'm going to drive up to the tip of Colombia where the desert meets the ocean with my family. Also, maybe I'll be visiting Rwanda and NYC!”

Ashlee: “I’ll be staying at home in Andover, driving back and forth to Cambridge every day to work at a swim camp as a counselor. Until mid-June, you can find me at Harvard everyday, either practicing with the Boston crew or drinking coffee in one of the Starbucks in Harvard Square. In August, my family and I will be taking on the wilderness and going camping and white-water rafting in Maine!”

Margaret: “This summer, I will be living in Jerusalem, Israel through Harvard's Near Eastern Studies program.  With a small group of students and a professor, I am looking forward to eating lots of hummus, sporting long skirts in the heat, swimming in the Dead Sea, and discovering the complex identity of Israel!”

Sherry: “I'll be training with my club team and going to Canadian nationals in Saskatchewan in mid-July, along with a few other smaller meets on the side before then. I'll also be working part-time at a law firm in my hometown of Vancouver - super excited!”

Faith: “I'll be interning in downtown Boston at Hollister Staffing, a recruitment company, and training with the rest of the Boston crew!”

Sara Li: “I will be spending the first half of the summer doing a Career Exploration Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, studying Landscape Architecture. I will also be continuing my job from the school year working at the Harvard Art Museums as we prepare to move into the incredible new Fogg Museum building, opening this fall ( 
Throughout the summer, I will also be working on my start-up at the I-lab, Harvard's incubator. SweetSpot, a mobile app, targets the growing freelance community. It disrupts the traditional office by providing a comprehensive, curated database of free places to work. #theworldisyouroffice”

Elina: “I will be working at Harvard for two weeks and then as a research trainee at the Brigham and Women's hospital in Boston from the beginning of June until the end of July! And in August I will be going home to Finland for a couple of weeks!”

Daniela (Suarez): “I will be traveling to Kisumu, Kenya with Harvard’s Summer Study Abroad program to investigate health innovations in Africa. Then I’ll be visiting Paris and Berlin before coming back home to New York for the rest of the summer!”